The first super moon of the year will rise this weekend

The first super moon of the year will rise this weekend

In fact, even the guy who coined the term "supermoon" doesn't consider the February full moon to be one, according to

The photo gallery above shows photos of the super "snow moon" from around the world. This month, it falls on February 10 and the heavenly body itself is traditionally called a "snow moon" on this month.

What is the Snow Moon and when can you see it?

It is also believed that the moon will only reach its peak and will be fully visible for 20 minutes in the United Kingdom, with the climate restrictions of the Ciara storm also prepared to hamper the images.

The moon's going to look pretty spectacular from now until Monday, but to catch it looking extra super-duper, head out to take a look on Sunday (February 9). As a result, it appears to be a bit larger and sometimes up to 30% brighter than usual, especially when atmospheric conditions are ideal.

If you happen to miss out on this one, don't fret, as the next three full moons - the "Worm Moon" in March, the "Pink Moon" in April and the "Flower Moon" in May - will all be supermoons as well. Fred Espenak, known as "Mr. Eclipse", has called this weekend's event as a supermoon, while others disagree. It's technically not a 'supermoon, ' according to The furthest point of the ellipse is called apogee.

The very first supermoon of all 2020 will probably show up in the skies this weekend.

However, some have a looser definition, saying any full moon that is less than 226,000 miles to our planet can be classified as a supermoon.

According to NASA, a supermoon occurs when the moon's orbit is "closest (perigee) to Earth at the same time it is full".

And it will be officially full at 10.53 a.m. EST according to NASA's Skycal.

However, others claim that a supermoon only occurs when the center of the moon is less than 223,694 miles (360,000 kilometers) from the center of the Earth. The moon will be approximately 361,000km from the earth's centre and it will appear 14% bigger than a normal full moon, QCH astronomy expert Dr Beshir Marzouk points out.

Astronomers advise photographers and sky watchers to download applications and maps to track the progress of the moon across the sky to facilitate sightings.

Last year's February supermoon over London. The exact moment of & # 39; fullness & # 39; for the February super moon it will be at 07:33 GMT on Sunday, February 9 in the morning.

Based on NASA, the Moon will look full for nearly 3 days beginning Friday evening to Monday afternoon, and it is going to be wholly full on Sunday, February 9 at two:33am EST.



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