SpaceX will Send Three Tourists to the International Space Station Next Year

SpaceX will launch its 'space taxi' next year Details here

Elon Musk's company SpaceX has announced it has signed a contract with startup Axiom Space to send three tourists to the International Space Station as early as next year.

Axios said crew will "live aboard the ISS and experience ... microgravity and views of Earth that can only be fully appreciated in the large, venerable station".

Axiom CEO Michael Suffredini said that this will be Axiom Space's first mission to the International Space Station for a commercial organization.

"This is an Axiom crew which will be selected and trained by Axiom, with SpaceX being a transportation provider from whom we are procuring services for an Axiom mission", Holder told Axiom's vision of building a space station in private orbit from the existing International Space Station is a bold step forward for the commercialization of space, and one that would be less likely if it were not for the work of SpaceX and the success of the first Dragon.

Update: The launch was a success, with the booster performing the 50th landing in the company's history. Starting in October, it'll substitute the Dragon with the next-generation Dragon 2, which is bigger and built for human crews.

NASA asked the private sector to design spacecraft capable of replacing the Space Shuttle Program after it retired in 2011.

The Bartolomeo office, made by ESA (European Space Agency) and Airbus, appends to the outside of the European Columbus Module.

Both spacecraft are years overdue.

According to scientists, the lettuce is free of disease-causing microbes and safe to eat and is at least as nutritious as Earth-grown plants. The first-generation variant of the Dragon spacecraft first flew in 2010 with a test flight in low Earth orbit.

Apart from SpaceX and Axiom, the Richard Branson owned Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin are also planning to offer similar trips.

The ISS, which is essentially a giant orbiting laboratory, has hosted a rotating staff of astronauts from the United States and dozens of other countries for the past two decades. Northrop Grumman is NASA's other commercial shipper. SpaceX says the next version of the capsule will be capable of flying people in addition to cargo, and will fly with NASA astronauts later this year. Last month, NASA chose Axiom to create a module that would be connected to ISS in development 2024 and used for commercial business operations.

It should be noted that plans to fly wealthy thrill-seekers into space are frequently altered or abandoned.

SpaceX will be using its Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft for this trip. The company planned to sell tickets for about $52 million apiece, but those plans were later canceled. The company ditched those plans to focus on designing a gargantuan spacecraft and rocket system called Starship, which is now in the early stages of development.

NASA has in recent years become more receptive to giving companies the opportunity to find new ways to make money at a space station.



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