Scott Morrison Extends Lockdown To Food Courts, Weddings, Funerals And More

Australians are now banned from flying overseas

"We have been making the point for some time", he said.

The prime minister also flagged "more advanced measures" in the near future, including "particular area" shut downs in the event of localized outbreaks of COVID-19. "That will turn into a ban".

Australia is enforcing more stringent controls to slow the spread of the coronavirus, banning non-essential travel overseas, closing food courts in shopping malls and restricting weddings and funerals after the number of cases surged past 2,000.

"All of these things present risks and they obviously present them to the elderly members of our families as well who we need to protect".

Morrison told reporters in Canberra that Australians would be urged to "stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary you go out", suggesting that outings should be limited to "basics" such as attendance at work, exercise with a partner or small group, or attending shops to buy food or medicine.

With the previous "do not travel overseas" warning replaced by a complete ban on travel, even more global airlines are tipped to suspend flights to Australia over the coming weeks.

"It's going to be a tough year in 2020 and one of the things I don't want to have yielded up is a year of a child's education, which is so important", he said on Tuesday night.

"Everyone who has a job in this economy is an essential worker", Morrison said.

Australia already has in place bans on incoming foreigners but Australians are flocking back to the country while commercial travel is still available and numerous nation's more than 2100 confirmed cases have been acquired overseas.

Gizmodo Australia has reached out to the Prime Minister's office for clarification around whether there are any rule changes around Australians coming back into the country.

"The position of the national cabinet is that schools should remain open and they can provide distance learning for those parents that wish their children to remain at home", Mr Morrison said.

"We are very anxious about the rate of the rise", said Professor Brendan Murphy, Australia's chief medical officer.

Schools in Victoria and the ACT have closed but remain open in NSW, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia was 709 as of Friday morning - an increase of 25.4 percent from 565 on Thursday morning.

"These measures are really draconian". "[It] is a long haul and that's why we're keen to keep society functioning, but keep society safe".

The Prime Minister says text messages will be pushed to Australians' phones "very, very soon". "It also means that when we all do that, that we can potentially limit further economic harm from other measures".



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