Rumour suggests Apple is still working on AirPower

Rumor: Apple is having a crack at resuscitating its failed AirPower charging mat

But Apple made a decision to hold back on the release of the AirPower, so in March 2019, it officially canceled the product for good, which essentially means we're not supposed to get a wireless charging mat from Apple anymore. If Apple gets it right, it could be the charging Qi charging mat of choice.

Announced back in 2017, the AirPower was a special mat created to charge multiple devices without the need to plug them in. "After much effort, we have concluded that AirPower will not meet our high standards and we have canceled the project", Riccio said at the time.

Apple's vision for the AirPower charging mat was a single wireless charger that would be able to change an iPhone 8 or older, the Apple Watch, and the AirPods with wireless charging case simultaneously, regardless of their position on the mat.

As noted by MacRumors, YouTuber and leaker Jon Prosser claims to have inside info that Apple has resumed development of AirPower and that prototyping is already underway. Watch and AirPods at all times. The challenge that Apple would eventually faced, as previously reported, was that the overlapping design of the charging coils would heat up too much as it observed in testing prototypes.

"No guarantee that they'll finalise and release it, but they haven't given up yet and they're trying to re-engineer the coils to displace heat more effectively". While we've seen other multi-device charging mats that look similar to AirPower, these often either omit smartwatch support entirely, require very specific device placement in order to charge, or have also had problems with their promised Apple Watch compatibility. He said that Apple "refuse" to release a version that doesn't work with its smart watches.

But it gives us hope that someday there might be an official way to charge most of your Apple devices to a surface, and perhaps even arrive in time for the iPhone 12 launch.



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