Qualcomm’s latest Bluetooth chips could bring ANC to lower-cost earbuds

Qualcomm QCC514X and QCC304X

Qualcomm has quietly announced a pair of new Bluetooth audio systems-on-a-chip (SoC) that will bring a number of the company's new wireless audio technologies to a bunch of upcoming wireless earbuds.

With Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring, one earbud is wirelessly connected to the phone via Bluetooth while the other bud mirrors the connected bud and is engineered to deliver a rapid swap under several scenarios.

This design also allows one earbud to be taken out without it affecting playback on the other.

The new chips also feature active noise cancellation (ANC), which could make the feature standard in the more affordable true wireless 'buds that end up using these chips.

The SoCs have integrated Hybrid ANC, and because they're created to deliver extended playtime - up to 13 hours based on a 65mAh battery - users will be able to use ANC with minimal impact on battery life.

Qualcomm says that the noise-cancellation tech (dubbed "hybrid ANC") also allows for "leak-through" for outside noise, which seems to be equivalent to the transparency (or ambient) modes available on the current crop of more premium noise-cancelling headphones.

Qualcomm has today released a couple of new Bluetooth chipsets for wireless earbuds.

The difference between the SoCs is in how they handle voice support. While the QCC304x provides push-button activation (meaning you'll have to physically push a button to activate voice control), the QCC514x is able to initiate voice control through a wake word, ie. the wearer saying "Alexa" or "Hey Google".



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