NYU allows medical students to graduate early to help fight coronavirus

The NYU Langone Health center

New York University to allow medical students to graduate early to help with coronavirus patients.

Not all US medical schools, however, are considering opting in.

This coordinated effort includes Boston University School of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Tufts University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School.

"The Medical School and the University have agreed to permit early graduation for students who agree to begin working as an intern now".

According to the email obtained by Brief19, the offer applies to students planning to enter any field of medicine.

A spokesperson for the medical school, which suspended classes this month as the coronavirus outbreak worsened, confirmed to Newsweek that the offer was made "in response to Governor Cuomo's directive to get more physicians into the health system more quickly". "We are proud of the physicians that you will soon be, and for the role that you will play in the care of your patients".

MA medical schools are also graduating students early. So far, there have been more than 2,400 reported cases of the COVID-19 virus in the state.

New York has been heavily affected by the spread of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and had already seen 30,811 cases and 285 deaths related to the infection as of Wednesday afternoon, according to the New York Times. For some, especially older adults and people with pre-existing health problems, it can cause more serious illness, including pneumonia or death.

As the number of coronavirus cases in the country continues to surge, the medical schools across the United States are considering early graduation for senior medical students in a bid to meet the increasing demand for healthcare providers.

The deans of the four MA medical schools have agreed on the state's request to postpone graduation dates for their fourth-year students, pending an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients in state and nationwide hospitals.

Across the pond, medical schools in Ireland are taking the same initiative.

Though, Micaela Nannery, a fourth year Boston University med student, said she is jumping at the chance to get her degree early and charge into the front line of the coronavirus fight.

The students, who would normally graduate in mid-May and begin an internship in mid-June, will graduate in mid-April and be available for work in hospitals in the area.



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