Mercedes-designed breathing aids approved for use in the UK

Many countries are struggling with a shortage of life-saving ventilators

Global news agency BBC reported that University College London engineers worked with clinicians at UCLH and Mercedes Formula One to build the breathing aid device, which delivers oxygen to the lungs without needing a ventilator.

Engineers from both the UCL and Mercedes HPP have been collaborating at the UCL's engineering hub, MechSpace to reverse engineer a device which can be easily produced has now been given approval by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

This breathing aid was produced within 100 hours from the initial meeting to production of the first device.

The Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains team deconstructed an existing CPAP machine - which was previously used to treat sleep apnoea - that had fallen out of patent.

The equipment - which pushes air and oxygen into a mask to inflate a patient's lungs - is an alternative treatment for people too frail to undergo invasive ventilation procedures.

"These devices will help to save lives by ensuring that ventilators, a limited resource, are used only for the most severely ill", UCLH critical care consultant Professor Mervyn Singer said in a statement on Monday. One hundred devices are to be delivered to UCLH for clinical trials, followed by the delivery of thousands in a rapid roll-out to hospitals around the country ahead of the predicted surge in Covid-19 hospital admissions.

Reports from Italy indicate that approximately 50 percent of patients given CPAP have avoided the need for invasive mechanical ventilation - which involves patients being sedated - freeing up ventilators for those more in need.

A CPAP is simpler than a full ventilator.

"Using computer system simulations, we boosted the tool additionally to create a state-of- the-art variation matched to automation".

This is less invasive than a ventilator, for which patients have to be heavily sedated and have a tube inserted into their airway.

CPAP equipments are consistently made use of by the NHS to assistance patients in medical facility or at residence with breathing problems, yet are claimed to remain in brief supply presently.

Prof Mervyn Singer said if a restricted seal is stored on the masks or, additionally significantly better, a headgear is used, in addition to medical personnel have ample particular person security gadgets (PPE) after that this menace would definitely be diminished.

Mercedes-AMG HPP boss Andy Cowell said: "We have been proud to put our resources at the service of UCL to deliver the CPAR project to the highest standards and in the fastest possible timeframe".

There have been nearly 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Britain, with more than 1,200 deaths. "In addition to Mercedes F1, the collaboration also included Oxford Optronix, a small company that manufactured oxygen monitors for the devices".



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