Joe Biden Cool To Idea Of Another Debate With Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump

Biden fielded four questions via Zoom from media outlets on Wednesday - Bloomberg News, an obscure teen blogger, Associated Press, and CNN - and in the final answer, he said there should be no additional debates. When Wallace encouraged him to finish his thought, he responded with "Probably best I don't". Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.). The two candidates have not been active on the campaign trail due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has postponed primary elections in several states. I think we've had enough debates.

During a virtual news conference on Wednesday, Biden was asked about a recent comment from Sanders' campaign that he would participate in an April primary debate should one be held.

Although Sanders won the Democrats Abroad primary this week, Biden has 1,174 pledged delegates to the senator's 862. Democratic National Committee debate organizer Xochitl Hinojosa told AP, "We are taking things day by day".

Watch former Vice President Joe Biden's remarks in the player above. Biden said that he would make such decisions by thinking about "the science. The science of medicine - what is it that is going to get us to a place where it is safe for people to go back to work and be interactive in a way that we did in the past, rather than set some arbitrary date". A total of 1,991 delegates are required to become the 2020 Democratic standard-bearer outright.

Biden told reporters that he is "finding out that the new technologies are quite effective".



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