Influencer reportedly hospitalized with coronavirus after licking toilet

Piers Morgan has pledged to pay the parking tickets of NHS workers

The so-called "coronavirus challenge" - which sees people share videos online of themselves licking objects in public places - has been slammed as "highly irresponsible" by health experts. As clout-chasing becomes nearly as risky of a disease as coronavirus itself, it would appear that some of the less bright folks on the Internet have chose to participate in a viral challenge on TikTok, which seems them licking the seats of public toilets, open ice cream tubs in grocery stores, and more.

The 21-year-old Californian influencer has said he is in a hospital with coronavirus.

Days after an influencer, GayShawnMendes, who took part in a "Coronavirus challenge" which involved licking the edge of a toilet seat, says he has tested positive for the disease.

The social media influencer won notoriety after reportedly being eager about viral movies that includes him licking retail outlets' ice cream cartons and extra. Startling videos have been exchanged across numerous social media platforms in dichotomy to official tips to cease the spread of the possibly fatal bug.

The woman who commenced the "coronavirus challenge" on TikTok told news outlets: "I was exhausted of that b***h corona getting more publicity than ME".

It wasn't clear whether Larz's apparent infection was linked to the stunt.

The Tik Tok influence who started the coronavirus by licking the aeroplane toilet is less concerned about what the craze has gone into. She went on to express if her actions lead to other individuals becoming sick with the deadly germ "that's their problem".

Many followed the challenge and some are even being arrested for causing a threat to other people.

Another one seen doing the freaky coronavirus challenge thing.



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