Face ID Could be Coming to Macs

iPhone's biggest security feature may come on MacBook

Introduced back in 2017, this special 10th-anniversary iPhone embellish the notch that was later adopted by nearly all smartphone makers - in their own manner of course. I think it would be great if Apple could make it work in Macs as well.

Face ID could be making its way to the Mac. "Although the systems and techniques described herein are described with relation to recognizing users and/or authenticating users, the systems and techniques may also be applicable to capturing face gestures and emotions, video chatting, generating emoji, encrypting data, unlocking the computing device, supplementing passwords, differentiating different users, and the like", Apple revealed in its patent application. "To prevent unauthorized users from accessing this sensitive data, these computing devices may incorporate systems and mechanisms for authenticating users", Apple revealed in its patent application. The company seems to present notch the device computer, including the MacBook and desktop of the iMac. Apple said the recognition module can be placed inside an ellipse, circle, notch, a polygonal shape, a series of polygonal shapes, a curvilinear shape, or similar shape.

Although the submission was made in September of last year - more than a year after the iPad-model Pro-2018 with a face like that, ID start to see interesting, to impose on Apple, which is set notch to make room for the module, biometric scanning.

The design planned a year ago still remains fresh. On the model of the iPad Pro in 2018, Apple the camera, and the sensor Face has-ID, the black bezel, so that the tablet can be used in portrait format or in landscape format. If the Mac follows the design steps of the iPhone, the Face ID module can replace the Touch ID modules on the laptop's keyboard.

Although iMac and MacBook users do not need to rotate their screens, a notch on the screen can disrupt users' workflow and distract them because it cuts the content. It can also bring features like Memoji and Animoji to the desktop.



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