COVID-19 survivor recovered without visiting doctor

Elizabeth Schneider poses at her house in Seattle Wash

Schneider, who works as a marketing manager at a biotechnology company, attended a party on February 22, and started experiencing flu-like symptoms three days later.

According to a report by News18, the coronavirus survivor is 37-year-old Elizabeth Schneider from Seattle, a place which allegedly has the most number of deaths in the United States due to the virus. She left work and went home. I had a fever that spiked the first night to 103-degrees Fahrenheit and eventually came down to 100 and then low grade 99.5.

"At this point, we were all a little frustrated that we couldn't be tested for the coronavirus, or the doctor didn't even suggest" that they be tested, said Schneider.

She turned to over-the-counter flu medications to treat the symptoms and called a friend to be on standby in case she needed to be taken to an emergency room - but the fever began to recede in the coming days. There are at least 1,663 confirmed cases in the of Friday morning.

Schneider said that the symptoms appear to be different depending on your constitution and/or age.

She, however, added that elderly people normally have underlying health conditions and they take more time to recover in case they get infected.

The moment "aha" did not come until she discovered that a dozen friends who had gone to the same party fell ill "on the exact same day, around the same time in the evening, with very similar symptoms". Although they all tested negative for the flu, they weren't given the coronavirus test because they were also not coughing or experiencing shortness of breath. I got tested through the Seattle Flu Study. She mailed it back, waited several days and sure enough: COVID-19, positive. A few days later, on March 7, she told AFP "I finally got a phone call from one of the research coordinators telling me that 'You have tested positive for COVID-19'".

'I was a little bit pleasantly surprised, because I thought it was a little bit cool, ' Schneider admitted, laughing, though her mother cried when she told her.

"Granted, I probably would not have felt that way if I was severely ill", she said. 'But from a scientific curiosity perspective, I thought it was very interesting. "And also the fact that I finally got confirmation that that's what I had".

As her symptoms subsided, Schneider isolated herself at home for seven days, though she's since been feeling better and is able to run errands.

She told the agency she woke up feeling exhausted, but that it was nothing out of the ordinary, as she'd had a busy weekend.

Washington state, which reported the first U.S. coronavirus death, has been hit hard by the outbreak in the US.

In her post, Schneider wrote "I had COVID-19 and here is my story".

Schneider said she hoped her example, which will probably be typical of the high majority of cases, could comfort others.

'That means that we need to be extra vigilant about staying home, isolating ourselves from others'.

"The message is don't panic".

"Hand washing doesn't guarantee you won't get sick, especially when folks without symptoms are contagious and could be standing right next to you in any given social situation".

"If your symptoms aren't life-threatening, simply stay at home, medicate with over-the-counter medicines, drink lots of water, get a lot of rest and check out the shows you want to binge-watch", she added jokingly.



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