College responds to COVID-19 crisis

College responds to COVID-19 crisis

Any students, faculty, or staff experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their healthcare provider.

It started with the cancellation of spring break study overseas trips to Italy and London, England, and having spring break extended until March 29.

¯ Prohibiting public access to all campus facilities. Many staff and faculty at Boston College have already been working remotely; and given this new state action, more will be joining them.

"Eighty-six percent of JCC's workforce is working from home", added DeMarte.

Universities are anticipating a drop in the number of global students this year, meaning there will be a shortfall in places which they are now scrambling to fill with British school leavers.

Madison College President Dr. Jack Daniels III shared his thought on the challenges COVID-19 poses in a statement posted on the college's website.

"If we suddenly have a scramble for people being offered places before there is even a grade, it will just cause more anxiety".

"We must also look out for students too, who in these uncertain times may be feeling anxious about their futures".

"It is vital that the admissions process remains fair, consistent, and in the best interests of all students - who have a right for their work and performance to date to be fairly reflected", he said.

Not only has Madison College closed down their buildings but have suspended all of the athletic team seasons, events, and traveling.

Chang encouraged community members to consider giving to the COVID-19 Relief Fund to ensure students can start, continue and complete their educational goals.

"We initially had about 275 students approved to remain on campus most due to distance from campus". As of today, one student on campus has tested positively for COVID-19 and is now in isolation at the Thomas More Apartments, which also includes University Health Services; and 19 others, mainly those who were studying overseas this semester and then returned directly to their homes or to off-campus apartments, have also been diagnosed with the virus. "The patience and understanding you have all shown is truly remarkable and our mission to serve our students and community is stronger than ever", Daniels said.

With all of these changes that are being made, Madison College's only thing in mind is the safety of everyone in Madison.

"If you do not have symptoms, there is little risk to you or those around you".



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