Carriers introduce plans to keep consumers connected during COVID-19 pandemic

T-Mobile Connect launching this week with $15 smartphone plan

The plans, dubbed T-Mobile Connect, include a $15 per month (plus tax) rate for unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of data at up to 5G speeds. Originally expected after the finalization of the Sprint merger, the new option arrives at an all-important time.

T-Mobile first announced T-Mobile Connect last November at a time it was trying to clear the last remaining legal hurdles for its proposed merger with Sprint. T-Mobile Connect represents a new level of value at $15 per month plus tax – half the price of T-Mobile's lowest priced plan – for unlimited talk and text plus 2GB high-speed smartphone data, including access to T-Mobile's nationwide 5G network. Customers who stick with their plans can get a 500MB bump in their monthly high-speed data allowance every year for the next 5 years. With that being said, T-Mobile says that it will also offer a 5GB plan for $25 per month.

Yikes! This doesn't appear to be a case of T-Mobile scaling your speeds when you go over your plan limit - they're just going to cut you off altogether, which will be a non-starter for many people.

With a promise of delivering better services at lower prices, T-Mobile US, Inc. Un-carrier enables customers to enjoy a hassle-free experience with a streamlined data structure plan and seamless Internet connectivity.

T-Mobile Connect broadens the carrier's assortment of plans beyond unlimited data, which starts at $60 a month for the T-Mobile Essentials plan.

For those who don't already have a device, Metro will be bundling an 8-inch tablet with a $15/month unlimited table data plan, for either new or current customers with a voice line. But due to the current climate, and many being out of work, T-Mobile made a decision to launch it early and help those that are affected the most by COVID-19 closings. YouTube Premium is an $11.99-a-month service that includes ad-free videos and the ability to play videos in the background, among other perks. In addition, the telecom behemoth is also giving a free 4-week online course from Shaw Academy, which is an online education organization based in Dublin, Ireland. Those with families may be facing home-schooling now, while employees working from home will need their home connection to pick up the slack.

The hotspot and mobile data news may well have the biggest implications for customers right now. At the same time, social distancing in general means services like Netflix and YouTube could see significant increases in traffic.



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