Wonder How the Artemis Program Will Bring NASA From Moon to Mars?

NASA Ames test system for Mission to Moon, Trump asks for an increase in the budget

NASA, even though requesting help, has made it understood to the producers, this would be no simple vehicle that has been ever planned previously.

The White House unveiled its proposed NASA budget for fiscal year 2021, with the objective of financing the space agency with $ 25.2 billion for that year.

For the first time, a woman will set foot on the Moon with NASA's Artemis program. Approximately half of that amount, or nearly $ 13 billion, would go to programs that lead to manned missions to the moon at the end of this decade, which are a precursor to eventual missions to Mars.

NASA's budget is estimated to increase steadily over the next five years to fund the program, peaking at $28.3 billion in the fiscal year 2023, primarily going to privately developed lunar landing systems.

Though Boeing remains NASA's prime contractor for the development and construction of the Space Launch System, Bridenstine insisted that the design and production of the heavy-lift, multistage rocket has involved contributions from hundreds of companies - small, medium and large - from all over the country. This includes $430 million for next-generation lunar surface technology, $212 million for lunar rovers, and $175 million for the spacesuits astronauts will wear to explore the lunar surface. The proposal is subject to amendments and approval by Congress.

These are all preliminary steps in a longer timeline of missions to the moon and Mars.

Looking towards Mars, the budget proposes to finance a new Mars Ice Mapper mission to search for possible landing sites, and a sample Mars mission to investigate the launch from Mars. Next up would be on 2022, Artemis II, the first crewed flight test of the Space Launch System Orion, is targeted for launch in 2022.

As part of the White House proposal, NASA does not receive funding for its Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope, the Office of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, or STEM.

"I am confident the FY 2021 budget's proper investment in our agency's priorities, coupled with your unmatched talents and expertise, will strengthen our national posture for continued space preeminence and, as President Trump said during his State of the Union speech last week, help our nation embrace the next frontier". The Earth-to-space call will air live at 1:20 p.m. EST Thursday, Feb. 13, on NASA Television and the agency's website.

"This is a 21-century budget worthy of 21st-century space exploration and one of the strongest NASA budgets in history", NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said during a State of NASA event unveiling the budget.

Update 1:56 pm PT: Add more citations to NASA's spending records.



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