United States confirms 14th case of coronavirus with patient in San Diego

Maine Resident Being Tested for Coronavirus

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said some of the kits sent to US states and at least 30 countries produced "inconclusive" results due to a flawed component and the CDC planned to send replacement materials to make the kits work. The overwhelming majority of cases and all but one death have been in China, where the virus' new strain originated, and most worldwide cases, including 13 in the USA, involve people who recently traveled to that country.

A NY pharmaceutical company says it could have an experimental treatment for COVID-19 in three to six months.

The U.S. government has flown about 800 people from Hubei province, with 195 people from the first flight having been released on Tuesday. He says they also have the advantage of working with the same infection-fighting proteins they used to fight the deadly Ebola outbreak a few years back.

The patient was among a group that had returned on a charter flight from China on February 7.

In San Diego, California, a second person evacuated from Wuhan, China, to a US Marine base was diagnosed with the virus, raising the US tally to 14, the CDC said. The virus, COVID-19, has infected over 60,000 and murdered at 1,369. After showing symptoms, the patient was taken to a hospital and isolated before testing positive. Officials said the quarantine and travel restrictions have "slowed the arrival of the virus" in the United States. An American did die from the virus in Wuhan.

The CDC said it was "likely" there would be additional cases, including among those who were evacuated from Wuhan, which has been under lockdown since January 23.

Japan confirmed its first coronavirus death, adding to two previous fatalities in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

US officials started funneling people traveling from China to 11 airports across the country for screening and possible quarantine if they showed symptoms. The Illinois Department of Public Health said it has not had any issues with the kits and it's continuing with its testing for the coronavirus.

The CDC has alerted laboratories that one component of the coronavirus testing kit may have performance issues and need to be replaced.



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