Trump tweets 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' clip. But did he miss the joke?

Trump tweets 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' clip. But did he miss the joke?

I'm guessing Trump didn't watch this episode of Curb.

Here's the thing; Larry is clearly stating that people who wear MAGA hats are loathsome, to the point that nobody wants to associate with them.

But Twitter users, including the Simpsons crew noted the irony of Pompeo's tweet given that Lisa was ripping up an essay she wrote about her belief in government because she was distraught over witnessing a Congressman orchestrate a bribe.

"TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!" the president tweeted, while apparently missing the fact that the clip was making fun of his supporters. He then puts on the "Make America Great Again" hat. "He makes me want to not be anywhere near him", Greene says. David later uses the red hat to deter a couple from sitting next to him at a sushi bar. It reveals Larry David defusing a road-rage conflict with an offended biker by donning a purple "Make America Nice Once more" cap. At Tuesday morning, over 29,000 answers had flooded in, together with several mocking Trump and, necessarily, fans pushing back and safeguarding the president. Reflecting on the potency of the hat during a conversation with Jeff Garlin, Larry marvels that it "worked like a charm. It's like spotting a double rainbow of intolerance", Schaffer quipped.

The larger context of the biker scene appeared to not matter to Trump on Monday night, who shared the clip without bleeping out any of the swear words. People on the left see this clip the way it was intended: a satire of the assholes who support Trump.

As Trump's supporters praised his "grand sense of humor", critics didn't hesitate to call out the president for having "zero self awareness" and "cluelessly tweeting". His campaign tweeted a video of Trump as the Marvel villain Thanos past year, moments before the character loses to the Avengers.

"This has to be the stupidest tweet he's ever wrote", added another user. The enraged man repeatedly shouts expletives and threatens Larry.

David has publicly criticized Trump and reportedly donated to the presidential campaign of former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is running for the Democratic nomination.

Now, it's unclear how, exactly, Trump came across this particular clip of Curb Your Enthusiasm. When requested in an interview if he frightened that his present would repel the MAGA crowd, he stated he couldn't care much less.

"Will do, will do", David says amiably in reply. You have my blessing.



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