Status Yellow rain warning issued nationwide as Storm Dennis to wreak havoc

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Unlike when Storm Ciara hit, tides will be low this weekend; however, because of high river levels there could still be some flooding.

The heavy rain warning for when Storm Dennis hits Brighton this weekend has been upgraded to amber.

"Because the rain came though so strongly and the river rose so quickly, we physically wouldn't have had time to put the barriers up".

Storm Dennis races across Atlantic deepening rapidly next 24 hours under left exit of jet stream, as it arrives SW of Iceland it does a Fujiwhara "dance" with low already there.

There is a risk of communities being cut off by flooded roads and power cuts in affected areas.

The storm will be preceded by a yellow - "be aware" - severe weather warning for up to 20mm of rain today across the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, which could combine with melting snow to cause flooding.

"Around 20-40 mm of rain will fall widely with 50-80 mm likely across parts of northern and southern England".

River levels are likely to rise over the weekend and into early next week.

There are also several amber warnings in place for torrential rain in parts of Wales and England.

The Environment Agency said there is a "heightened risk of flooding" across much of southern, central and northern England this weekend. It said preparations were under way to operate flood defences, including the Foss Barrier in York. "Do not forget to never drive or walk through flood water, just 30cm of flowing water is enough to move your auto - it's not worth the risk".

The AA has urged the public to follow safety advice on the roads, with Ben Sheridan, AA patrol of the year, saying: "Take extra care when passing high-sided vehicles, cyclists and motorbikes, and watch out for sudden gusts, which can blow debris, trees and even damaged vehicles into your path".



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