Some coronavirus testing kits are defective, CDC says


To date, a total of seven coronavirus cases have been documented in California, accounting for half of the infections confirmed across the United States, none of them fatal.

All 50 states received testing kits from the CDC but a problem with the kits was discovered by multiple state labs, delaying the use of the kits, which enable testing samples away from the CDC's Atlanta headquarters. The CDC lab did not realize the specimens were from the Miramar patients.

When asked about Trump's tweet, Messonnier said most respiratory viruses are indeed seasonal, but COVID-19 is a new disease that health officials have been observing for only 6 weeks, so it's premature to make assumptions on whether it will continue to circulate into the spring and summer.

Though all cases identified in the United States have been linked to Wuhan travelers or their close contacts, preparation continue with the assumption that could gain a foothold in the United States, and changes in community transmission in the United States or other countries could drive changes in recommendations.

"Things may not always go as smoothly as we may like", Dr. Messonnier said. NCIRD, which she heads, is part of CDC.

Covid-19 continues its relentless spread throughout China. On the other hand, the Chinese government on Wednesday claims an initial victory in controlling the outbreak, saying the number of newly reported cases has fallen for the eighth straight day.

The only confirmed evacuee cases were at Miramar, where about 200 people are being held under quarantine until all are cleared.

As of 6:10 a.m., Thursday, Hong Kong time, China reports 1,363 deaths directly attributable to Covid-19.

'Mostly, they are coming in from mainland China, have no symptoms and are not high risk'. It has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization but has only been the subject of 12 confirmed USA cases, while more than 300 tests here have been negative. The person is yet another evacuee, also arriving last Thursday in California, but they were on a separate flight from the one that the thirteenth patient had taken.



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