Rumors swirl around Prince Harry speaker series at big banks

Harry and Meghan set to expose royals in online interview series

Last week Harry spoke at an event sponsored by another big bank, JP Morgan, in Miami about having therapy and his struggles to deal with his mother's death.

Harry and Meghan flew commercial from Canada, and were personally greeted by the university's president, Marc Tessier-Lavigne. The couple attended a speaking engagement on February 6 for JPMorgan, the US -headquartered global financial services firm, according to a royal source.

The fact that Harry and Meghan are working with massive corporations who have invested billions in things like fossil fuels has caused backlash from fans because the couple has routinely championed environmental causes.

According to The Sun, a PR expert has said the couple could earn almost $2.1 billion from corporate deals and brand ambassador roles, as Harry could be a guest speaker at the bank's Talks at GS series.

The "Talks at GS" events are a series of interviews Goldman hosts regularly which feature prominent personalities from business and other walks of life. That speaking series is not a paid engagement.

Discussions between the patronage and Goldman Sachs have been ongoing for about a year, a source tells us.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are continuing their public engagements ever since announcing that they'll be stepping back from their royal duties.

A well-known British Journalist even referred to them as the Royal "Hustlers" and demanded for Her Royal Majesty the Queen to distance herself from them as one would a poor family relation.

And, some in royal circles aren't happy because they believe that Harry and Meghan are on their way to damaging the royal brand.

The next opportunity for the public to see Prince Harry and Meghan back in the United Kingdom could come as early as next month.



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