NASA's Record-Setting Koch, Crewmates Safely Back From Space

Record-setting astronaut Christina Koch returns to Earth

Four male cosmonauts have spent a year or longer in space as part of a single mission with Valery Polyakov's 437 days the overall record.

Koch, who is 41 years -old, touched down in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft in Kazakhstan at around 9:12 am this morning. "I'm so overwhelmed and blissful proper now", she stated to reporters whereas sitting outdoors the capsule. Now that Koch and her fellow travelers have returned to Earth they'll be put through a battery of health tests and measures to ensure they are reacclimating to life on Earth. It's a quantity that might be close to to Christina's coronary heart for the remainder of her days.

Koch's return comes after an ad produced by the skin-care brand Olay ran during an intermission in the American football Super Bowl with a call to "make space for women". Koch's 328 day stint aboard the ISS made her the second-longest single spaceflight NASA astronaut to ever complete her missions.

Her mission saw her orbiting the planet 5,248 times and racking up a mileage that could have taken her to the Moon and back 291 times. For me, it is all about the honour I feel to follow in the footsteps of my heroes. Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

The spacewalk was initially postponed because the space station did not have two suits of the right size, leading to allegations of sexism. She spent much of her time doing a wide range of experiments and investigations. The dearth of gravity causes bone and muscle loss in astronauts, and Christina was a part of the Vertebral Power investigation, which targeted on serving to develop countermeasures to the impression of spaceflight. Koch was born in MI and raised in North Carolina in the town of Jacksonville. An electrical engineer from North Carolina, she is an expert in space science instrument development and in engineering in remote scientific locations including Antarctica and Alaska. She graduated from the NASA Academy program in 2001. She reportedly stayed with her four fellow NASA astronauts and classmates at the ISS. "We both drew a lot of inspiration from seeing people who were reflections of ourselves as we were growing up, and developing our dreams to become astronauts", she said in an interview from space last month.

Koch says she hopes her record will be broken again soon because it means women keep pushing boundaries. After a yr in area, Christina is prepared for some R&R.



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