Michael Bloomberg's meme campaign is becoming its own meme

Michael Bloomberg Is Paying Instagram Influencers To Post Dank Memes To Convince America’s Youth He’d Be A Dope President, Yo

A new paid meme campaign on Instagram by billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who's running a guerrilla bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, has prompted Facebook to clarify that influencers on the platform must disclose such arrangements. In a comment posted to his Instagram, meme curator Joshua Ostrovsky (most widely known as @thefatjewish) says he declined an offer from the Bloomberg campaign.

Michael Bloomberg apologized for the first time on the campaign trail Thursday for the New York Police Department's "stop and frisk" policing tactic, which he repeatedly defended while serving as mayor of New York. That's why we made a decision to give Mike a hand and create a couple of actually amusing memes, that we're sure the kids will love.

All the posts reviewed by The Times included disclosures that they are ads.

In his meme campaign, Bloomberg exploited a loophole to skirt numerous rules that tech companies have imposed on political ads to safeguard American elections from malicious foreign and domestic interference and misinformation.

One depicted him asking an influencer: "Can you make a viral meme to let the younger demographic know I'm the cool candidate?"

It's not yet clear if Facebook's sudden policy change will close all the loopholes, though the company says the issue represents a new territory and its approach could change over time.

The ad library publicly catalogs political ads and allows other campaigns, journalists and watchdog groups to view the type of messages pushed by politicians.

Facebook requires influencers and social media stars to indicate when they have been paid to post something on Facebook and Instagram. "We're allowing US-based political candidates to work with creators to run this content".

Among the Instagram content creators recruited by Bloomberg are fuckjerry, grapejuiceboys and tank.sinatra, each of which has millions of followers. "I'd encourage any meme account owner to take schmoney from basically any brand. because brands are trash and deserve to have their money taken, but this dystopian black mirror simulation is too much for me".

"The height thing is one of the few things that actually bothers the candidate", Haberman said.

"You want to engage people at every platform and you want them to feel like they're not just getting a canned generic statement", campaign spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said of the campaign's strategy.

Each of the memes arrived with a caption confirming the meme was sponsored by Bloomberg himself.



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