‘Jetman’ Takes to the Skies over Dubai ‘Iron Man’-Style

WATCH: Jetpack daredevil pulls off milestone stunt with impressive high-altitude flight

Footage from the three-minute flight shows the incredible views experienced as he flew high above the United Arab Emirates city.

The Jetman Dubai team has previously demonstrated the jet-powered wingsuit with flights that involved taking off from elevated platforms, but Friday's test at Skydive Dubai in the United Arab Emirates marked the first time the suit took off from the ground and transitioned to a high altitude flight, reaching almost 6,000 feet.

Unlike previous missions, this new milestone marks the first time a jetpack pilot has been able to takeoff straight up in the air, in a method reminiscent of Marvel's Ironman film franchise.

In an awe-inspiring flight captured on viral video, the Frenchman on Friday hovered five metres above the crystal waters of Dubai's coast before shooting off into the air and skimming the city's skyline.

Meeting in that middle ground, with both wings and jets, is the team at Jetman Dubai, which broke ground last week with their latest take on a sci-fi classic.

"This milestone proved that Jetmen can now fly directly upwards from a standing start without the need for an elevated platform", Jetman Dubai wrote. But this is the first time that they've launched from the ground.

"Traveling at an average speed of [149 mph], he climbed [328 feet] in the air in eight seconds, [656 feet] in 12 seconds, [1,640 feet] in 19 seconds and [3,280 feet] in 30 seconds", Jetman Dubai recalled of Reffet's flight.

"Everything was planned to the split second, and I was overjoyed by the progress that was achieved".

He then opened his parachute and dropped back to the ground where he shared the excitement along with his team.

Reffett conducted at least 50 preparatory flights, and he practiced more than 100 takeoffs and landings while under a cable and with a fall arresting system as precautionary measures.

"It is another step in a long-term project", Reffet explained in his statement.

The Jetman Dubai project aims to demonstrate what can be done when technology and nerves of steel combine.



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