Is the Russian spacecraft Kosmos 2542 stalking a U.S. spy satellite?

Soon, the Russian satellites were within 200 miles of the USA spy spacecraft, close enough to make visual contact and examine the satellite. "Russian Federation has in orbit many socalled" space equipment inspectors", which America and different authorities alert that the Kremlin might utilize to collect intelligence to interrupt, disable, or even kill other satellites.

This could potentially usher in a new era of "space war", where weaponized satellites in orbit attempt to gain ground on satellites from other nations.

"He especially known as Russian Federation for developing technologies which could damage US systems in distance, saying the current maneuvers could" produce a risky position in distance".

Russian Federation launched a satellite named Kosmos 2542 in November 2019.

"The most recent close approach took place on January 21st, but instead of then drifting away as usual, Cosmos 2542 performed a series of maneuvers on the 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd to match the period of United States of America 245". "One of these satellites released a projectile into space". "We need to be sure that we give to our forces this space asset support". Done improperly and you could have whoever is trying to track U.S. 245 actually tracking Cosmos 2542.

Kosmos is a small "inspection satellite", capable of using thrusters to maneuver close to other spacecraft for observation.

Washington and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have been increasingly accusing Moscow and Beijing of developing technologies for space warfare in order to cripple the USA military communications and Global Positioning System networks, but as often happens the claims were never backed by any convincing proof.

Raymond defended the quality of the tracking data provided by the USA government. U.S. Space Command, Raymond said, has space data-sharing agreements with 20 countries and about a hundred companies and academic institutions.

What Russia has been doing in space "has the potential to create a unsafe situation", Raymond said. He also added that similar activities in any other domain would be interpreted as potentially threatening behaviour and the U.S. finds the recent activities to be concerning.

Going forward, he said, "I think there needs to be a discussion on norms of behavior and on responsible behavior in space".

"They prove that... they [the U.S. and NATO] keep militarizing space, which can lead to very sad consequences", Morozov said.



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