Is The #Broomchallenge Real? The Latest Craze Sweeping The Nation

The Broom Challenge Has Taken Over The Internet But It Has Nothing To Do With NASA Or A Special Gravitational Pull

"According to the posts, NASA revealed that everyone around the world could make the "standing broom" trick since the planet Earth was said to be 'in flawless balance"- making the brush possible to stand up on its own.

Twitter was overwhelmed on Monday night with an influx of videos showing individuals "magically" making their brooms stand upright, unassisted.

Don't fly off the handle:Yes, you can stand a broom on its end.

DJ Khaled's even done it. She shared a video on Twitter of herself dancing and twirling around her broom, which was also standing straight up before her moves caused the broom to fall down.

People all over the world are fascinated by this challenge and trying it out.

We couldn't find anything from NASA to support the tweet.

It was a harmless hoax, but a hoax nonetheless.

The center of gravity is quite low on a broom, which means if you try hard enough any broom can stand up - any day of the year.

In it, Drew can be seen standing up the broom, while Noble says: "Did you do the broomstick challenge yesterday?"

This broom hoax has been around for several years, according to ABC News New York WABC and usually reemerges around the vernal equinox or first day of spring. #1 Your Broom will do this any day of the year. "Basically you use the short bristles like a tripod". It started after a fake claim went around, stating that NASA said that a broom could only stand upright on February 10.



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