Dodgers' Cody Bellinger destroys everything Astros and 'weak' punishment

Jim Crane's comments shows how tone-deaf he is about sign-stealing scandal

Meanwhile Bregman and Altuve, two of the Astros' best players, expressed contrition for the scandal.

At a long-awaited apology news conference Thursday, Houston owner Jim Crane said his team's 2017 sign-stealing scheme "didn't impact the game" and struggled to articulate why the players who participated in a scheme described as "player-driven" shouldn't be punished for their actions. MLB Network's Tom Verducci interviewed Hinch about the scandal, and it aired last Friday. It was the team's first public comments this spring. "And our teams is determined to move forward and play with intensity and bring back a championship to Houston in 2020". Carlos Correa accepted more responsibility than any Astros player has previously, disputing reports that Carlos Beltran intimidated younger players into participating in the scheme.

The Astros ducked the media on Wednesday but gave a news conference Thursday morning that felt very sanitized and mostly likely will open them up to another round of criticism.

But this is not new for the former manager.

The fact they don't seem terribly interested in doing so should make a lot of people around baseball - players included - even madder than they now are. Then it's on to 2020 and, just maybe, a World Series title without having to cheat to get it. "For me as a leader in this organization..." "I believe they can learn from their mistake".

He said there was nothing to the notion that Astros hitters used buzzers to get information about pitches.

"That's a lie. Nobody wore buzzers". Now they'll be cheating the fans - not to mention some of their fellow players who have already signaled they aren't going to follow the unwritten rules of baseball silence on this one.

Bellinger reiterated that he believes the Astros cheated well beyond the 2017 season.

"Our opinion is that this didn't impact the game". Why else would the Astros keep banging?

Second baseman Jose Altuve's walk-off home run against the Yankees in Game 6 of last year's American League Championship Series sent the Astros to the World Series.

But if the system is working, it is not that easy to stop. "You can phrase that any way you want".

It happened to Robinson Cano.

You don't have to feel bad for Hinch, but we can not act like we are flawless souls, either.

Major League Baseball did not punish any players for the cheating and Crane said he stood by that. You can't just sit there and say it's just one team.

But until those who cheated get suspended, they got away with it.

While players from around the league have condemned the Astros for unfairly stealing signs during the 2017 season, the consensus is that most want to move on and exclusively focus on the upcoming campaign.



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