Chinese Lovers hail Taylor Swift documentary

An illustration of Taylor Swift's profile

The documentary acknowledges media criticism of Swift as overly "perfect" and manufactured, and attempts to counter it through the use of home videos.

Miss Americana does not shy away from uncomfortable subject matters from its descriptions of the harrowing sexual assault trial Swift went through in 2017, to her eating disorder. Throughout the documentary, Swift was very open about her relationship with politics, her personal problems and the pressures of fame on herself, family and relationships.

Miss Americana is now available to stream on Netflix. This event would change Swift's outlook on life for the better.

Swift put away her polite, American sweetheart persona and exchanged it for a courageous, confident and badass identity in a world where women are often told to sit still and look pretty. Swift writes with a vengeance but also with a heart full of love. "It was all I wanted - it was the complete and total belief system that I subscribed to as a kid".

This idea permeates much of "Miss Americana", and that is the most powerful aspect of this documentary. Fans, especially young women, are able to find pieces of themselves in this representation of Swift. Coming back to footage from that interview shows how Swift embraces her soft side but is still a powerhouse in everything that she does.

We get a peek into how Taylor is as a singer-songwriter.The process and how her vision unfolds in the form of lyrics.

"Do you really care if the internet doesn't like you today if your mom's sick from her chemo?"

The documentary catapults it's subject matter off Swift being told that "A nice girl doesn't force her opinions on people".

In 2016, rumours began to circulate that Alwyn and Swift were dated. The entire movie shows a whole lot of vulnerable minutes, which have a tendency to create everybody more sympathetic for her.

"That was the first time I've ever had a camera crew in the studio", says Swift. Another hard subject to address in an otherwise fast-paced documentary, Wilson and Swift find a way to do it justice.

Your other hosts don't get that far. "That is a concept I've thought about for so many years, but I just always thought about, I want to say it in a way that's like a satire".

The last third of the film features the historically and politically silent popstar's decision to publicly endorse a Democratic candidate for the 2018 Senate election.

Many will remember the infamous "Imma let you finish" moment: As Swift began her victorious speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards, Kanye West, the dastardly industry villain, pounced on stage to declare Beyonce's video one of the best of all time, and the true victor of the Best Female Video category in his head-canon. Yet, all of these experiences catapulted her into a space to stand up against the injustices she sees in the world. In the midst of everything, Swift found her voice; she learned to deconstruct those ideals upon which she had built her life.

"That moment where you're like, 'Oh I know what it's called, ' or 'I know what the hook is now'". I think that counts as relevant.

"Miss Americana" shines in its duality. It shows the mountains and the valleys of Swift's life, the pink and the politics, the lighthearted joy and the heartbreaking hits.



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