Banksy confirms Valentine’s Day-inspired art in Bristol is his work


Just in time for Valentine's Day, renowned graffiti artist Banksy has owned up to a piece of artwork depicting a girl firing red flowers from a slingshot that mysteriously appeared on the side of a building in England Thursday morning.

The work is expected to bring increased visitors and tourists to the Barton Hill area of Bristol, as people from around the world continue to visit the city where Banksy is from and where so many of his graffiti pieces are on display.

On Twitter, the Bristol Somali Community Association said they woke up to "remarkable mural art painted on one of the houses" in the area.

Banksy later confirmed the artwork on an Instagram post to the surprise of Bristol residents.

"As it's Valentine's Day, it's really special and to have it in 3D with the flowers is incredible", Kelly Woodruff, the daughter of the owner of the home, told BBC News.

"We hope it's Banksy's work", the group wrote in the post.

Bristol Banksy vandalised
A work of art by Banksy after it was defaced with pink spray paint PA Images via Getty Images

"It's incredible and attractive", she added.

The family are looking to cover up the artwork with glass to preserve it.

"Come and have a look yourself".

One local resident, James Bullock, tweeted that he had seen the piece early on Thursday morning.

Appearing yesterday, February 13, the piece is presumed to be Valentine's Day-themed.

He later uploaded a clip of the shredding online with the caption 'Going, going, gone.', with Sotheby's later confirming the prank had been staged by the artist.



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