Astronaut welcomed home by excited pooch after a year in space

WATCH Astronaut welcomed home by excited pooch after a year in space

The astronaut posted a sweet video on her Twitter of the moment when she was greeted by her dog after returning home. "And yes, she was very excited, I was very excited, I'm not sure who was more excited!. Glad she remembers me after a year", Koch tweeted.

Koch is a Jacksonville native and went to White Oak High school for a few years.

Koch returned to Earth on February 6.

"Having the opportunity to be up here for so long is truly an honor", Koch said of her history-making accomplishment back in December, according to

It's clear her adorable doggo is ecstatic to finally have her home.

Koch, an electrical engineer, was part of the first-ever all-woman spacewalk along with fellow US astronaut Jessica Weir in 2019.

The electrical engineer-turned astronaut said she counted herself lucky to not have suffered more serious ailments.

Astronaut Scott Kelly, who holds NASA's record for spending 340 days in space - the longest single space flight ever - reportedly still had sore feet and burning skin three months after ending his mission in 2016.

Being in space for long periods of time can affect the human body in many different ways.

"In space, your heart becomes rounder. because there's no gravity to pump against", Prof.

Nasa astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir completed the job with wrenches, screwdrivers and power-grip tools, it marked the first time in a half-century of spacewalking that men weren't part of the action.

"I didn't necessarily know what this mission was going to turn into when I launched", Koch told ABC News' senior transportation correspondent David Kerley in an interview from the space station last month.



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