Apple is Considering Letting 3rd Party Apps Run as the Default Option

Apple is Considering Letting 3rd Party Apps Run as the Default Option

Of course, Apple didn't suddenly decide to make these changes from the good of its heart.

Since the iPhone's release in 2007 and the subsequent launch of the App Store in 2008, Apple has placed a strict stanglehold on the apps its users can use on its devices, especially with respect to pre-installed apps like Safari and Mail.

Apple's insistence on gatekeeping certain actions of rival apps on iPhones and iPads has always been a source of contention among users.

Apple reportedly weighing a plan to let users change some default apps on iPhones and iPads, a move that, if implemented, would represent a major reversal in the company's "walled garden" strategy for iOS. Personally, I have no problem with Safari, especially on the iPhone.

This means somewhere around September when Apple will also launch the iPhone 12 part of another event.

Apple bans vaping apps on App Store
Apple is Considering Letting 3rd Party Apps Run as the Default Option

As mentioned above, Apple has been receiving a lot of flack from all sides regarding their use of the App Store. Even Gmail has more flexibility overall. Users can download an alternative browser such as Chrome but any links they tap on their iOS device will open in Safari regardless.

This means that instead of the typical phone design we're used to, this device will have an all-glass interface that seamlessly wraps around it, ditching apparent edges and resulting in a more rounded shape. There are arguably benefits to both approaches, and Apple's position has been that its model provides a better experience.

Apple is also considering loosening restrictions on third-party music apps, including its biggest rival Spotify, on HomePods, revealed the insiders who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Other apps by default in not giving ranging apple of along stack.

If there is one thing that distinguishes Apple from other players in the consumer tech market, it is its closed knit ecosystem.

Apple iOS and Google's Android OS are the only popular names whereas Microsoft's Windows system for mobile is slowly dying out.



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