Apex Legends details the event Valentine's Appointment

Apex Legends details the event Valentine's Appointment

The limited-time Holo-Day Bash Christmas event thankfully changed that, but now that the holiday celebration is over, many players are curious about how to unlock Pathfinder boxing gloves in Apex Legends now.

Apex Legends, which was very popular at the time of its debut, has lost its popularity for a number of reasons.

TJ Denzer is a player with a passion for games that has dominated a lifetime. As a result, many players have to play games according to the style of play of people they are not accustomed to. The last time this mode was in the game was back in 2019. This game mode will be part of Valentine's Day Rendezvous, which adds a few cosmetic equipment to the game.

An hour after the event was supposed to go live, the official Apex Legends Twitter commented saying that they know the event is not up yet. This event comes in the wake of Apex's Season 4, which introduced a new Legend, Revenant, a cyber-ninja with talents that improve the survivability of both you and your allies.

Elsewhere, Respawn has confirmed it is offering up two gun charms, with Valentine's Day makeovers of the Pathfinder and Nessie, while the Through the Heart Longbow and Love of the Game Pathfinder Frame also make a comeback. As a memento of the romantic, corpse-filled encounter, players engaging in Duos will also receive a cute Valentine's badge, as pictured below. Teaming up with a buddy will give out twice as many XP points, capped out at a maximum of 20,000 per day. While it isn't becoming a permanent addition to Apex Legends, Duos is available from today until February 18, so get stuck if it's your cup of tea.



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