Airbus "deeply regrets" USA decision to hike import tariffs on new planes

US increasing tariffs on Airbus planes to 15% from 10

"Airbus deeply regrets the USTR's decision to increase tariffs on aircraft imported from the European Union as well as the decision to maintain tariffs on goods from other sectors", the company said.

The US Trade Representative said in the statement Friday that it is leaving duties on certain other European goods such as Scotch and French wine at 25 percent and will make minor changes to the previously released product list.

On Oct 18 a year ago, Washington imposed the original 10 per cent duties on Airbus aircraft and 25 per cent tariffs on a range of European consumer exports, such as cheese and Spanish olives.

This comes as a set back for the European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, as they consider the hike illegal.

Airbus said it would ultimately harm USA airlines and consumers who have to pay extra levies, as cited by CNBC news.

The European Commission has begged Washington to come to a "negotiated solution".

Airbus aircraft that are manufactured at its site in Mobile, Alabama, appear to be exempt from these duties, as tariffs only apply to products imported from the EU.

In a statement, the firm branded the decision "deeply" regrettable, adding it creates "more instability for United States airlines that are already suffering from a shortage of aircraft".

The Trade Representative says it will maintain the rate of additional duties on non-aircraft products, and has urged the European Union to reduce its subsidies for Airbus.

"USTR's decision ignores the many submissions made by USA airlines, highlighting the fact that they - and the U.S. flying public - ultimately have to pay these tariffs", the company pointed out.

Boeing, for its part, said that it is cooperating with U.S. federal and state officials so as to "promptly bring the United States into full compliance" with WTO regulations.

The duties have been at 10% since October, when Washington hit $7.5 billion in European products with tariffs.

Other products - including wine, cheese, coffee and olives - have been taxed at 25 per cent since October.

"We hope they will", the company said in a statement.

We call on the USA to engage in detailed discussions at pace to reach a negotiated settlement, before tariffs are authorised and imposed on the United States in relation to the ongoing Boeing dispute.

DISTILLED SPIRITS COUNCIL OF THE UNITED STATES, in a statement on Friday on the long-running trade dispute between the USA and the EU.



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