Wilder, Fury vow to settle rematch with a knockout

Wilder, Fury vow to settle rematch with a knockout

Whether Fury is celebrating in a little more than a month's time remains to be seen.

"What is going to happen is that I am going to get what I won last time".

When these two unbeaten heavyweights got together in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, they picked up right where they left off across the street in December 2018.

During that first encounter, Fury outboxed Wilder for large stretches but Wilder dropped him once in the ninth and almost ended the bout with another knockdown in the dramatic twelfth. Regardless of how you saw it, each champ could make the case that he was cheated out of victory. "That bothers you", said Wilder. Twitter had plenty of fun with that. "I've got to knock him out".

"But the magic of it all is the belief, it's the belief, and though he's saying it, I don't feel that in his energy that he believes that he's going to do that". "I'm the lion, I'm the king of the jungle, and come February 22nd, I'm gonna rip his head off his body".

"I'm going to go out there, give him a boxing lesson and I'm going to knock him out", Fury said during a Q&A segment.

"I told him he was going to go "timber" and he did just that". "I keep having the same dream and when I'm playing poker I keep getting dealt two".

The champs took two very different paths to this rematch a year ago. He defeated Schwarz by second-round TKO in June and took a tougher-than-expected unanimous decision from Wallin in September.

Ahead of their rematch, Wilder and Fury have been at verbal loggerhead with the Bronze Bomber boasting of his superior power.

Fury is well aware that Wilder only has to be flawless for one second because he possesses the best weapon in boxing - his right hand. "This point in time, he won't be able to get up".

'I'm looking for the big right hand to nail Wilder, ' Fury said. "He has to put it there, but this time.it won't be there". No diet coke, which I've become susceptible to", Fury added, "I've had tons, and tons, and tons of it in every training camp.

"Thinking ain't enough", the 31-year-old Fury said. "That's why I hired Sugarhill". "Two rounds, he's going down".

"When you get knocked down like that, and you don't know how you got on the ground, let alone how you got up, it's scary", Wilder said of his 12th-round knockdown of Fury. "I won't be running, you won't have to look anywhere for me", he said. "I always teach people when I speak - I say speak it, believe it, receive it", the American said. This time I can turn that screwdriver until he is gone.



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