The Valve Index is now sold out in nearly every region

Thanks To Half-Life Alyx Valve’s Index VR Headsets Are Sold Out Pretty Much The World Over

The Valve Index swiftly began running out of stock and now just a couple of months away from the game's release, the Index has sold out in nearly every country it is sold in.

Valve did not say when stock will be replenished, opting instead to post a message across the Index's local store pages that reads, "We're busy catching up with demand for Valve Index". RoadtoVR tracked the five different configurations the Index is available in - the full kit (which includes the headset, controllers, and base station), headset and controllers, headset only, controllers only, and base station only - and found that they're mostly sold out in the 31 regions where the Index is available.

Valve has added a "Notify Me" button on its page, and clicking it takes you to portal where you can choose to be notified about the availability of various Index products and bundles.

"We are working hard to build more units and meet the high demand", a Valve spokesperson told Road to VR.

This could be a make-or-break moment for Valve and its VR headset.

Now, that statement doesn't sound all that confident to us, essentially saying that the firm is aiming - another word you might substitute is hoping - to have more units ready before Alyx releases, which seems to hint that this may not necessarily come to fruition.

A visit to one of the Valve Index listings on the United States version of Steam does indeed show that all configurations of the headset and its accessories are now sold out.

Valve revealed the next entry into the popular Half-Life franchise would be a virtual reality exclusive in November previous year.

So this is a bit of a odd one, in a way, unless Valve has run into unforeseen production difficulties of some kind.



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