Penn Medicine Announces Baby Born From Uterine Transplant From Dead Donor

Women with transplanted uterus give birth to the'miracle baby

In this undated photograph provided by Penn Medicine, Jennifer and Drew Gobrecht look at their baby, Benjamin, at home in Ridley Park, Pa. Jennifer gave birth in November 2019 following a uterine transplant. There are about a dozen women in the USA who have given birth to their own children after a womb transplant. "When Drew and I started dating romantically, we always knew that we'd have a family of some sort, whether it be through adoption or surrogacy", she said.

Hope for that day came two years ago when she heard that Penn Medicine in Philadelphia was looking for candidates to get a uterine transplant from a deceased donor. "Now, here we are with our handsome baby boy, Benjamin Thomas Gobrecht", she said. "Benjamin is really a miracle and we feel very happy that we have him".

There have been about 70 uterus transplants performed worldwide.

Penn Medicine announced at a news conference on Thursday that doctors had successfully transplanted and the Gobrecht family welcomed a little boy by the name of Benjamin Thomas. However, most of these women have received a uterus from a living donor.

Some medical ethicists and transplant experts have expressed concerns about uterine transplants, questioning whether the benefit justifies the risk.

Penn Medicine says she is now working with another patient and is also seeking more women to become candidates for a uterine transplant.

What this means according to the doctors is that she would never have been able to carry a child of her own without a uterus transplant.

Penn said test subjects will be followed for five to ten years, from in vitro fertilization to long-term follow-up after delivery. Because of the risk of rejection, women with transplanted uteruses have hysterectomies after giving birth.

According to, Jennifer found out when she was 17 that she was born without a uterus due to a rare condition called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, or MRKH. When Jennifer was 17 years old, she discovered that she had no womb.

"That was a very hard thing to hear as a teenage girl who had dreams of being a loving mother", Gobrecht said. Like most young girls I had dreams of being a loving mother whose baby would grow in her womb.



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