Next-gen Chromebooks, Stadia and Steam on Chrome OS

Google Is Planning to Bring Steam To...Chromebooks

One of the people heading up development for the operating system says Google is working on a version of the Steam client for Chrome OS, and this development might be happening in collaboration with Valve. This of course would give the millions of Chromebooks access to another popular library of games, as well as possibly game-streaming. What he did confirm was that Steam would work using Chrome OS's Linux compatibility mode, so while it worked through Chrome OS it would actually be relying on Linux to function. Add to that the fact that there aren't exactly an overwhelming number of games available on Steam with Linux compatibility.

Regardless, the fact this is something Google and Valve may be working on together is exciting, as it shows once again Valve's commitment to Steam being an OS-agnostic platform for gaming after schemes like Steam Play opened up Mac gaming and SteamOS, Valve's first foray into Linux.

Valve has previously made Steam, along with a wide range of PC games, available on Linux, the open source operating system that ChromeOS is based on, and it seems that Valve's work on moving Steam to Linux has made Steam on ChromeOS a reality. While you'll need to listen to last week's podcast to get all the info on those devices, we spend quite a bit of time this week talking more about the overall impact of these next-gen Chromebooks.

An exclusive interview between David Ruddock of Android Police and Kan Liu, Director of Product Management for Google's Chrome OS, Liu said that the Chrome team is working on bringing Steam to Chromebooks. Vendors could market them as a safe way to surf the internet and do some work, while also being the flawless entertainment device. Though Google's own Stadia effort makes gaming more accessible to more hardware, it hasn't been universally popular-or almost as refined as Steam.



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