Monster Hunter Gives Iceborn Update Roadmap For 2020

Update Capcom Releases The Post Launch Content Roadmap For Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Picking up from the end of the storyline in Monster Hunter: World, Iceborne will have players join forces with the Research Commission once again to explore the undiscovered new land of Hoarfrost Reach.

Capcom has shared the development roadmap for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, confirming that content updates - which now see console players get new content sooner than their PC pals - will "sync" from April this year. Furthermore, the rest of the year will bring lots of new updates. The free content should include new monsters, expanded gameplay features, special events, and more. But April marks the beginning of significant content updates both for PC and console on the same schedule. The Resident Evil crossover will also finally be available for PC players that month as well.

While we're on the subject of the PC version, from 12th March the second PC title update will roll out, bringing Stygian Zinogre, "a more vicious subspecies of the electrifying fan-favourite Zinogre, that harnesses dragon elemental damage".

Starting from February through March, console players would receive new time constricted event quests that increase the odds of encountering decorations, Great Spiritvein Gems, gold crown monsters while growing their rank.

The first title update comes with the ability to visit other players' space and also enter into limited-time quests that provide materials to create the Palico armor and Hunter Weapon plus weapon from the Iceborne Design contest winners.

Capcom also indicated a series of events in the game for the launch of Vanilla and Iceborne will be extended around the second anniversary of the game at the end of January, including the Grand Appreciation Fest for Iceborne players and the Appreciation Fest at the Astera Gathering Hub for all Players In February, PC players will also receive a Holiday Joy Fest. From April onwards, the content will be synched for all platforms. Also, in May, Iceborne will be updated with the "Return of a fan favorite monster" and, in June, new monsters and more updates are planned for the game.



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