Major League Baseball not planning to strip Astros and Red Sox of titles

LA City Council Says Dodgers Should be Awarded Series Titles

Recently, MLB found Astros guilty of sign-stealing in their World Series title-winning season in 2017.

Finally, it looks like Houston Astros' owner Jim Crane has spanked his team into an apology.

Manfred came down hard on the Astros, suspending both Hinch and Luhnow for a year without pay in addition to stripping the team of four draft picks and levying a $5 million fine.

Astros held their annual FanFest event at Minute Maid Park over the weekend.

The deal was struck in part because the league did not believe it would win any grievances with players who would appeal the decisions because the Astros' front office never discussed the league's warning to stop using electronic devices to steal signs. "When we get down to spring training we'll get them together and they'll come out with a strong statement as a team and apologize for what happened and we'll move forward". Crane added that the entire team is now split up. Absolutely unclear that the Dodgers would've been the World Series champion. Crane says players will first formulate an apology together then address the media on the scandals. "Moderately frankly, we'll explain remorseful about for what took place, query forgiveness and scoot forward".

In his report, Manfred said that Astros GM Jeff Luhnow "did not forward the memoranda and did not confirm that the players and field staff were in compliance with Major League Baseball rules and the memoranda".

Astros GM Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch were suspended for the 2020 season and were fired shortly after.

MLB's investigation revealed that Astros developed a player-driven system using illegal electronics to decode signs during the game.

"Luhnow did not forward the memoranda and did not confirm that the players and field staff were in compliance with Major League Baseball rules and the memoranda", Manfred wrote.

Alex Cora, who was the Astros' bench coach in 2017 was sacked by Boston Red Sox.

Last week, the New York Mets parted ways with rookie manager Carlos Beltran, a player on the Astros in 2017 who also was linked to the scandal.



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