European Union could force Apple to ditch its proprietary Lightning connector cable

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One of the most iconic is the Lightning port, Apple's proprietary charging and connection cable that most of its products have been using for some time-but that could be changing very soon. According to estimates, more than 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste is produced by old chargers every year. The voting session on the matter is said to be held in the upcoming Parliament session.

"A common charger should fit all mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and other portable devices".

Apple started to use the lightning port for iPad and iPhones in 2012.

Apple could skip USB Type-C altogether and opt to offer only wireless charging eliminating the charging port completely. Even if Apple is considering all of its options for its next iPhone's charging port, the European Parliament might corner the Cupertino-based tech titan into making a decision that favours the consumers and the environment. However, go to USB-C does not wish to over it the company has full control. Nonetheless the results "fell short of the co-legislators' targets" - notably, firms did no longer appear to adopt USB-C any faster within the European Union than they did elsewhere within the sector, and there are peaceful heaps of fresh gadgets transport without it.

The cable is used to cost and sync Apple gadgets, together with the iPhone.

Clearly, this is in a position to perchance well goal now no longer fully fix the damage distress; goal because a charger and/or cable is effectively matched with a phone or other portable tool doesn't imply it'll bear the most up-to-date charging same old or speeds that you select. Some hoping for a USB-C standard may be thrilled, while others might mourn their pile of obsolete Lightning cables. A year ago, the company argued that a single standard would "freeze innovation rather than encourage it". Now, the European Union wants to keep the USB-C port only and remove the other two. There is a call now to come up with a common charger for all mobile devices.

However, the European Commission would ultimately need to decide the specifics of this proposal and highlight what radio equipment would need a standardised port.



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