European lawmakers call for common charging port for all smartphones

European Lawmakers Want to Force All Smartphones to Have Same Charging Port, Apple Defends Lightning

With goals of reducing waste and increasing convenience, European lawmakers today will debate whether all smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices should have a standardized charging port such as USB-C. The only problem was the initiative called for a voluntary approacha strategy that in a briefing, the European Parliament said has not yielded the desired results and fell short of the co-legislators objectives.

As a result, the Commission plans to debate the matter and have a future plenary session where it will make a resolution, possibly to legislate a requirement that all mobile device manufacturers use a common charging standard. Even Apple, the notorious standout in the world of proprietary chargers, acquiesced and made available a micro USB adaptor. If they haven't been reduced to only three types now which are USB Type-C, micro-USB, and Apple's lightning port, our living room would be filled with God knows how many cables. While some members want the policy to be regulated, which forces companies like Apple to comply, there is still the possibility that it will be implemented with a voluntary approach, which could simply be ignored, according to the European Commission.

As such, some members of the European Parliament are now looking to pass a law that'd force companies to commit to one port in the region.

Naturally, however, Apple is continuing its fight to keep its Lightning port, although it's certainly not about to license it to anybody else. Talking about the same, previous year Apple said that forcing the smartphone makers to have a same port would "freeze innovation". We want to make sure that any new legislation will not result in the sending of unnecessary cables or external adapters with each device, nor will it make obsolete the devices and accessories used by many millions of Europeans and hundreds of millions of Apple customers worldwide.

Apple has been using the Lightning connector on iPhones since 2012 and has so far shown no interest in replacing it with USB-C despite pleas from users.

An Inception Impact Assessment from late 2018 recognized that the "current market trend" is toward chargers with detachable cables, along with the move toward wireless charging standards that could eventually obviate the need for any kind of common connector.



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