Apple’s Netflix competitor finally launches with 1 year free trial

Apple’s Netflix competitor finally launches with 1 year free trial

We see how it compares the current industry leader, Netflix, and which one is the best for your entertainment needs. Finally, even if you don't subscribe at all, Apple has made the first two episodes of all of its series available for free viewing in the TV app.

The Apple TV 4K gives you access not only to the TV Plus service, including all its 4K and HDR content, but also Apple's prolific film purchase and rental service, which has well over 200 titles in its library.

The show garnering the biggest Apple TV+ buzz at the moment is The Morning Show.

Then there's the Jason Momoa epic See, a dark vision of the future where humans have all gone blind and society has reverted to a primitive state. A streaming service with as few things to watch as possible.

This is all well and good, but it pales in comparison to the huge wealth of content that Netflix has on offer.

The scope and scale of Netflix is truly impressive and it's fair to say that unless Apple signs plenty of distribution agreements it will lag far behind when it comes to offering a similar wealth of content to viewers.

From how to access the streaming service to the original TV shows, here is what you can expect from Apple TV+.

How much do they cost?

Audiences worldwide can stream Apple TV+ originals subtitled and/or dubbed in almost 40 languages, including Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH) or closed captions.

One subscription can offer six people access to Apple TV Plus, and you'll be able to watch whatever you want on the site without having to sit through any ads.

Again, numerous shows can be downloaded to watch offline.

You know what I love? We wouldn't be surprised if you could watch the latest episode of Stranger Things on your toaster soon. The service, aimed to take on Netflix and Amazon Prime, is now available for users in over 100 countries - including iPhones, Macs and Amazon Fire TVs among others. Making it one of the cheapest services in the space.

Once you are in the Apple TV app, you will see Enjoy 1 Year Free offer message.

Ives said Apple is seeking to attract viewers from a massive worldwide customer base of approximately 1.4 billion active iOS device users. And even if you don't, as part of their launch deal, the service is offering a week for free.

For quality and breadth of entertainment though, Netflix is easily the better option. That means, on launch, you're paying around $1 per show, which is considerably more expensive than other streaming services.

However, some iPhone 11 owners are reporting they're not seeing the free, year-long trial on their device.



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