Apex Legends is throwing a two-week fancy party

Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event

In a trailer streamed through the official Apex Legends YouTube account, Respawn revealed a new, upcoming event for the Free-to-Play game: The Grand Soirée, a retro celebration of the new year hosted by Pathfinder full of throwback costumes and thrilling combat.

This is shaping up to be a great addition to Apex Legends while it sticks around, but will you be checking out the new modes?

26th to 27th - Dummies Big Day - It's unclear yet what this mode actually is, but it looks a lot like a free-for-all where everyone looks like one of the training dummies so you can't tell what Legend they're playing. The rotation cycle will include a few familiar faces as well as some never-before-seen modes, including Third Person Mode, Armed and risky, and Kings Canyon After Dark.

24th to 25th - Kings Canyon After Dark - If you played the Halloween event you'll remember getting to run around in a moodily lit version of the old Kings Canyon map. Kick off the decade in style with a new mode every two days, seven limited-time rotating modes total. Earn fabulous rewards with our new Challenge Scorecard and dress to impress with all-new cosmetics. Earning challenges will net you points and earning more points gets you more rewards.

All the while, players will also be able to nab a rotating list of cosmetics from the shop for each character. Players will also be able to unlock each of the event's six new legendary skins from Apex packs or with crafting materials.

It'll all be available to Apex Legends players starting on January 14 across all platforms. A few of the skins were shown off in short trailer above and they look great - particularly Bangalore's skin, who's last decent skin was released nearly a year ago with the Beast of the Hunt event.



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