A New Way To Vote

Seattle-area election will let residents vote by smartphone

For the first time ever in the USA, all eligible electorate have been ready to solid their ballots by way of smartphone Wednesday, having their say by way of cellular in a King County, Wash. native election in that runs till February 11.

Electronic entries returned by 8 p.m. PT on February 11 (election day) will be printed and counted toward the final tally. But for now, Tusk Philanthropies is preparing to launch at least 20 other pilots this election season, according to the organization's president, Sheila Nix.

'This is the most fundamentally transformative reform you can do in democracy, ' Tusk CEO Bradley Tusk told NPR.

Once logged in they'll be able to make all their candidate selections and then submit the ballot online. "Here at King County Elections, we are always looking for ways to improve access and engage our voters and this election could be a key step in moving toward electronic access and return for voters across the region". King Conservation District is involved in this election signed a contract to do the processing and listing of the returned ballots, but that's the only piece we're dealing with. "We're providing a really large beta test of this kind of ballot access".

State legislation calls for the conservation district hang an election in the first quarter of the 12 months. After the ballot has been submitted, King County Elections downloads and prints a paper ballot, matches the submitted signature with the signature on file and tabulates the votes, county officials said.

While the move has been reported as a first for smartphone voting in the USA, a look at the KCD website reveals that it's a broader electronic voting system, accessible via a browser on any connected computing device.

The concern stems from a bumpy online voting history. "I don't know that I have run across cybersecurity experts whose mortgages are not paid by a mobile-voting company who think it's a good idea".

The same week that elections in King County began, the United Nations released a new report warning against the global threat to election integrity.

In 2010, an online voting pilot program was hacked in Washington DC and then discarded. These researchers were able to compromise the server and change all of the vote tallies. People who have been convicted twice for a violation of Ohio's election laws are barred from voting in Ohio. In this case, the spokeswoman said Democracy Live was scrutinized by ShiftState, a boutique firm founded by a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. "Every time you introduce a technology layer, you have these cascades of unintended consequences".

King County voters use their name and date of birth to log in to a web portal on their cell phone's internet browser.

One way to more securely identify a voter might be to go against the advice of DeMillo and add another security layer such as blockchain.

A voting district that's home to about 1 million voters in Washington is set to take part in a relatively new experiment: using a mobile phone or tablet to cast a vote.

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