Toothbrushing three times a day cuts heart problems

Brushing your teeth three or more times per day is associated with lower risks of atrial fibrillation and heart failure which are respectively reduced by 10 and 12 per cent. — busracavus

Brushing three or more times a day was associated with a 12 per cent lower risk of heart failure and a 10 per cent reduced risk of atrial fibrillation.

Although the study did not determine the exact mechanism underlying the relationship between frequent tooth brushing and potentially mitigated negative effects on arteries, the findings suggest that frequent teeth brushing could reduce oral bacteria between the teeth and the gums, and prevent their translocation into systemic circulation.

The study involved 161,286 people in Korea who had no history of heart problems.

The study's conclusion, captured by the American Heart Association, found that the individuals who brushed less than twice a day for under two minutes had a "three-fold increased risk" of heart failure, heart attack and stroke than those who brushed at least twice a day for at least two minutes. The participants, all above age 40, were chosen from Korea's National Health Insurance System-Health Screening Cohort, a program that gathers medical information about individuals - including height, weight, medical conditions and lifestyle questionnaires - in order to study the causes and treatments of disease. Out of the total study population, three percent of participants developed atrial fibrillation and 4.9 percent developed heart failure in the decade after the original exam. The analysis also adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic status, regular exercise, alcohol consumption, body mass index, and other present conditions like hypertension.

After comparing the data, the researchers found that "improved oral hygiene care" was "associated with decreased risk of atrial fibrillation and heart failure".

The way it works is this: Brushing your teeth helps protect the heart by cutting down on the amount of bacteria entering your bloodstream.

While many consumers often point to their diet as a means of bettering their heart health, a new study found that good oral hygiene can produce similar results.

If you don't brush, bacteria can build up, especially in the gums.

During that time, 3 per cent of volunteers experienced a case of atrial fibrillation, or an irregular heart beat, while 4.9 per cent experienced heart failure at least once.

Whereas the role of inflammation within the occurrence of heart problems is turning into increasingly more evident, intervention research is needed to define methods of public health importance. This bacteria is known to threaten the health of the heart and put it at risk. For oral hygiene indicators, presence of periodontal disease, number of tooth brushings, any reasons of dental visit, professional dental cleaning, and number of missing teeth were investigated.

Part of avoiding heart disease might involve brushing your teeth, suggests a study published this week.



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