Three families say hackers accessed their Ring cameras

Brookhaven Georgia say a stranger hacked into their Ring camera they bought so they could watch their dog from work

A Florida family was terrorized by someone spewing racial epithets through their Ring camera. Alyssa later said she was scared to enter her room for a few days. The case, nevertheless, shows Ring security camera hackers are now demanding cryptocurrency payments. "I did a lot of research on these before I got them".

"I can't even put into words how badly I feel and how badly my children feel". She works an overnight shift as a nurse.

The voice initially started claiming to be from Ring's support team, notifying the homeowner her account had been terminated by a hacker.

LeMay said the camera was mounted for four days when something caught her daughter Alyssa's attention.

"First, what happened I was in the hallway I thought it was my sister because I hear music", she told WMC. "So I come upstairs and I hear some banging noise and I am like, 'Who is that?'"

When they played back the Ring video recording, her parents heard the alarming encounter Alyssa had with a man watching her room.

WMC reported the unidentified person continued to harass the girl, taunting her and encouraging her to destroy her room.

WMC reports that the stranger encouraged "destructive behavior" before her father, who was home at the time, found out what was going on.

Ashley LeMay says she bought the camera as part of a Black Friday deal. "We got this Ring camera thinking about one thing, which was out dog, watching our puppy", the female victim said.

LeMay admits she had not set up the two-factor authentication for the Ring account, which would have added another level of protection against potential hackers.

The families involved in the incidents, which took place in Tennessee, Florida and Georgia, shared video of their scary situations with local media outlets.

LeMay has been in contact with Ring.

The couple reported the incident to Ring and said they also planned to file a report with the police.

They said "bad actors" behind the attacks often used credentials stolen or leaked from another service.

Ring has issued a statement after several reports of users being harassed by hackers. "We have investigated this incident and can confirm it is in no way related to a breach or compromise of Ring's security".

"Recently, we were made aware of an incident where malicious actors obtained some Ring users' account credentials (e.g., username and password) from a separate, external, non-Ring service and reused them to log in to some Ring accounts", the company said.



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