Qualcomm announces its flagship Snapdragon 865 processor

Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 next to a US penny

Qualcomm has made its next-gen Snapdragon 865 chip official at its annual Snapdragon Summit, and while they won't deep dive into what makes it tick until tomorrow. we know that it is the most kick ass SoC ever made. The new Snapdragon 765 series is a successor to the company's gaming-centric Snapdragon 730 series announced earlier this year.

A bit unexpected is the Snapdragon 765, its selection for "premium" smartphones.

To that end, Qualcomm is announcing not one, but two 5G mobile chipsets this year, along with a whole host of other 5G talking points across various market segments. That gives phone makers more options for ramping up the number of 5G-ready phones at a wider range of prices.

And 5G networks figure to be more prevalent in the coming year.

Qualcomm just outlined the performance landscape for many of 2020's Android phones - the company has introduced the Snapdragon 865, 765 and gaming-oriented 765G.

The Snapdragon 865 won't just be about 5G, of course.

We won't know the features of either platform until later on this week, though we can certainly follow the direction that Qualcomm is pointing.

This is surely weird as Qualcomm had been teasing an integrated chipset for the past few months. At the time, twelve device manufacturers were reportedly working on 5G phones featuring Snapdragon 700 series chips. Producers will have the ability to add a separate 5G modem (on this case, the second-generation X55 mannequin). The image signal processor can support 192-megapixel cameras and capture 4K video.

While Qualcomm has now officially unveiled these two new mobile chip platforms, the company has yet to provide specific details on what they offer. "Our Snapdragon 5G mobile platforms announced today will continue to show leadership in the industry and deliver on the promise of scaling 5G in 2020".

5G will be popularized via telecom carriers and the marketing of wire-cutting services, but the biggest impact and returns will come from connecting the Internet of things, edge computing and analytics infrastructure with minimal latency. The Xiaomi Mi 10, ZTE Axon and unannounced Oppo flagship, likely the Reno 3 Pro 5G, will be powered by Snapdragon 865 SoC.



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