Pigeons wearing cowboy hats seen in Las Vegas, raising questions

Pigeon in cowboy hat

Pigeons wearing cowboy hats have been spotted roaming Las Vegas and the viral videos of the well-dressed birds have the internet talking - and at least one local charity trying to save them.

While many have been amused by the sight of the birds, with social media users excitedly reporting sightings since a video was first posted to Facebook in early December, there are concerns for the welfare of the animals. It's unknown who is doing it and why, according KTNV Channel 13.

Lofty Hopes, a pigeon advocacy and rescue group, is working to safely remove the hats. "We found Cluck Norris". "Today we chased him to new rooftops, tried to trap him, and sat quietly on the ground with him". Cluck Norris is the name given to one of the pigeons with a hat.

Footage of the pigeons sporting the headwear has been shared online, revealing the birds moving around without the hats falling off. She tells the Post they have been receiving about two tips per day from witnesses.

Lofty Hopes' Mariah Hillman asked members of the public to alert the organization when they spot the birds to have the hats removed.

"We could wait until they molt it off, wait until he loses his feathers when it gets warm out", she suggested. The New York Times reported that although the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo was in Las Vegas on December 5, the event has denied any involvement.

"I think the thing that I would emphasize is I can't see that it is causing any great harm to the pigeons", Walcott said. "They look like happy pigeons to me".

"When we needed pigeons during wartime, they were regarded as heroes".

Hillman still isn't amused by the situation. Charles Walcott, a Cornell University zoologist with longstanding experience in studying pigeons, told the New York Times he believes the animals are likely OK, adding that he found the hats "cute". "It is their life".

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