Missing persons in Alice Springs

The surviving pool in the normally dry riverbed thought to be a spring from bedrock so was named Alice Springs in the town of the same name Alice Springs Northern Territory Australia Pacific

A woman rescued after nearly two weeks stranded in Australia's remote outback said she survived by eating biscuits, beef noodles and drinking from a cow watering hole.

The search for her friends who split off, Claire Hockridge, 46, and Phu Tran, 40, continues.

After almost two weeks, Ms McBeath-Riley was found on Sunday after police discovered the trio's vehicle which had become bogged in a river bed.

Tamra McBeath, 52, was taken to hospital in Alice Springs for dehydration and exposure after she was found late on Sunday - just 12 days after setting out for an afternoon drive with two friends. For several days the trio tried to get the vehicle out but couldn't. They boiled water from a nearby cattle watering hole they'd found, using a shirt as a sieve, and finally ran through all of the rations they had: biscuits, beef noodles, and some cans of iced vodka.

The group walked about 1.5km west, where they found puddles of ground water from unseasonal showers that had fallen over the dry river system in the past fortnight.

Mr Everingham said the rescue gave emergency responders' hope of finding Ms Hockridge and Mr Tran alive.

"Because of the terrain that they have gone missing in, and because we don't have a particularly focused area, we are still doing the helicopters", she told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

"She's had a fairly traumatic period of time", Supt Vicary said.

Ms McBeath-Riley said it was worrying to hear that her companions had not been rescued yet.

McBeath-Riley told reporters the group initially survived by digging holes under their auto to shelter from the sun. She was airlifted to a roadhouse about 55 miles from Alice Springs, the place paramedics discovered her breaking her quick with beer, cola and french fries, mentioned Andrew Everingham, the regional supervisor for St. John Ambulance.

Police are stepping up their search for the pair.

"There's sandy dunes, there's hard clay, there's areas of dense trees, but there are also rocks and rangers in the area", she said.



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