Joe Biden Screams at Reporters, Defends Himself for Attacking an Elderly Marine

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption Democratic candidate Joe Biden describes ex-candidate Kamala Harris as

Guest Rochelle Richardson, of the Fox Nation duo Diamond and Silk, also knocked Biden for his response to the voter, saying he had "something to hide" and acted like a bully.

But he did also spar with Allen when questioned about Hunter's business in Ukraine.

Democrats accuse Trump of linking military aid and a White House meeting for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to a request that Kiev investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

CNBC's John Harwood talks to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during a break from campaigning in Iowa.

Though there has been no evidence the Bidens did anything wrong in Ukraine, Hunter has said he showed poor judgment in taking a position with an energy company despite no specific experience in the industry. "You were the vice president running point on Ukraine".

In community centers and recreation halls, often strung with lights and plastered in Biden posters - some handmade and picturing his signature aviator shades - he struck a nostalgic tone as he laid out his personal history: a member of a middle-class family who endured his father's job loss and became a politician who said he remains deeply connected to the values of Middle America.

"I know all of these world leaders, even the ones that we don't like very much like Putin". That is not the Joe I know.

And then Biden suggested he and the man have a pushup contest, after the man said he was "too old" to be president and was troubled by that and the Ukraine conspiracy theories.

"Well, you've had a lot of time", the interviewer pointed out. "I can't vote for somebody as old as you.' I said 'OK".

"That doesn't pass the smell test", the interviewer followed up. Let's do whatever you want to do.

"But he's still driving, you know?" There was nothing on its face that was wrong.

And billionaire Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of NY, likely would have stayed out of the race if he believed fellow centrist Biden was a strong candidate. "You know that", a combative Biden added.

Biden then began to laugh nervously while adding, "you guys are wonderful". Do you think there will be national security arrangements we have with European countries?

"People are voting for him because he is the friendly uncle who is not going to ruin anything, and it fits the brand" said Jacob Schrader, 20, a Republican student at Iowa State who is considering voting for Biden and was one of the few young people who knew what "No Malarkey" meant. "You know that, but you keep asking me these questions".

Biden was adamant in his defence of his son's work at Burisma, which has been the target of corruption accusations, though Hunter Biden has not been personally accused of criminal wrongdoing. Biden argues he was just telling it like it is.

Bongino expressed amazement about Biden's attitude toward the questions about his son. "So you're elected. You're in office".

What happened in this administration?



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