Greta Thunberg: Climate activist speaks as she arrives in Europe for COP25

Greta Thunberg set sail from Virginia on 13 November

Near to the conference, some 20 activists cut off traffic in central Madrid and staged a brief theatrical performance to protest climate change.

"I think people are underestimating the force of angry kids, '" Thunberg said.

Greta Thunberg addresses reporters and supporters in Lisbon, Portugal.

The 16-year-old Swede, who does not fly to limit her carbon footprint, and who had to face a headwind to enter the Tagus estuary, now has to travel to Madrid, which has been hosting the annual United Nations climate meeting COP25 since Monday.

"It turns out I've travelled half around the world, the wrong way".

In September, she carried her message to a one-day climate summit at the United Nations in NY, furiously telling leaders "you have stolen my dreams", before sailing back to Europe for the latest round of talks.

She wanted a low-carbon form of transport to get to the climate meeting, which was switched at short notice to Spain from Chile due to unrest there.

Thunberg, her father, and the crew aboard La Vagabonde sailed for 20 days from NY on a yacht that saved on carbon emissions and reduced their carbon footprint.

"We are watching you".

The U.N. weather agency says that the current decade is likely to set a new 10-year temperature record, adding further evidence that the world is getting hotter.

Eurostat estimates that the average carbon footprint per European is 16,000 pounds (7.2 metric tons) per year.

On the opening day of climate conference, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that if the world's greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced by 7.6% each year the impact on the planet will be "catastrophic", and called for the world's biggest polluters to take responsibility. "And everyone has to do everything they can in order to make sure they are in the right side of history", she said.

"I'm not traveling like this because I want everyone to do so", she said, speaking of crossing the Atlantic in a catamaran.

Top priorities include establishing a common time frame for countries to implement their national climate commitment plans, and resolving the issue of worldwide carbon markets - the only aspect of the Paris rule book which delegates failed to agree on at last year's COP24 in Poland.



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