Godfall Announced for PS5, PC

A Trailer For Play Station 5’s First Game Called Godfall Was Revealed At The Game Awards

At the Game Awards, we finally saw another game launching with the PlayStation 5 that's coming next year - and that next PS5 launch title is Godfall, a console exclusive coming holiday (end of year) 2020 that looks like a hack-and-slash Destiny.

Gearbox and Counterplay Games claimed that Godfall will be a looter slasher.

Check out the reveal trailer below.

Godfall is described as a looter-slasher, so you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be chasing a variety of gear in this melee combat game.

It was teased we'd see our first games announced for the next gen systems at The Game Awards and here we are. The loot chase will be a central conceit to the game, as will epic encounters with "vicious" enemies. During the announcement, the presenter stated the game would be playable both single-player and co-operatively with up to three people. They comment about a thousand-year war to start the apocalypse as they stare at a storm rising above a massive tower. "We founded Counterplay Games with the singular desire to create games focused on high levels of personal mastery, rewarding players for the time invested with our titles", Counterplay CEO Keith Lee told the PlayStation Blog.

He further adds, "Namely, we want to feed into that yearning for the next best piece in your character build, so we plan to provide plenty of loot to players to ensure there's a meaningful impact to gameplay and play styles".



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